UoL Internship

Happy Holidays!

One quarter of the way through my internship and I cannot believe how fast it has come around. Even more surprising: this blog is going up (more or less) when it should! It’s been a busy Christmas season in the CDM office, especially as I have been helping to plan all the Christmas festivities. We had our Christmas party in the White Hart followed by a buffet in the office the next day along with some fun and games later in the day. My desk has also undergone something of a Christmas explosion.

But I have done some actual work as well (I promise). The Armistice project has continued, and I have taken over a project to post a copy of the book to schools in the UK. With the help of some student ambassadors, around 1000 copies of the book have gone out this month, and we are planning to continue sending them out in the New Year. We’ve also sent a copy to the British Library for their deposit scheme, so the book will be available to visitors there.

The email I helped to design in MailChimp for prospective post graduate students has also been sent out. It had a good open rate when compared with prior campaigns which is a positive thing, and I feel I have learned a lot in the process of creating it.

I’ve also continued to be involved the PR team and have helped to create a coverage report for the Vice Chancellors Office. I spent some time looking at the online coverage over the last year and chose some of the best pieces to print to be included in a book the PR team are compiling.

My next post really will be in 2019 so enjoy what is left of your year and I hope you’ll check back in with me in 2019!