PRCA Visit with Mary Davoudi

On the 26th of October Mary Davoudi from the PRCA came to speak to public relations students at Lincoln about career choices in public relations, advice about finding a job and what the industry looks like based on the PRCA PR Census and World PR Report. It was great to hear about how the industry has developed over time and what struggles it is still facing, such as a lack of diversity.

We later split into groups and took part in an exercise developing and pitching a PR response to a business crisis to both Mary and Douglas Brown our PR tutor. The exercise was a lot of fun and working with other students from other years was interesting and not something we often get a chance to do. Some of the ideas presented were really creative and seeing the different direction each of the groups went in was interesting.

Mary also let us know about the PRCA webinars and that they are free for students, so I have registered for courses in Ethics in PR, Crisis PR in a Digital World, Crisis Management and Good Media Relations which I am looking forward to!

Thanks to Mary for an interesting and very useful talk!