Cygnet PR Rebrand

During my time as Operations Director on the Cygnet PR board, I put forward and led a project to re-brand Cygnet PR and redesign the website. It was agreed by the board that the old logo felt dated and did not represent the agency well, having been used for a number of years. After producing multiple drafts, the members of Cygnet PR voted on what would become our new logo.

Following this, I redesigned the Cygnet PR website to include a Meet the Team page and profiles for each of the board members. I also added links to our social media profiles which helped increase our audience and create a more cohesive digital presence. A team of students including myself also filmed a short video about Cygnet PR and the work they do.

Following the re-brand and re-design, we have increased our client load and attracted more students to get involved in the agency.