University of Lincoln CDM Internship

I began my internship in the Communications, Development and Marketing department of the University of Lincoln in September 2018. My role is CDM Office Intern which involves supporting the whole CDM team including PR, Events, Content and Schools and Colleges. It’s provided me with a great opportunity to develop my skills and reflect on my learning, as well as identify areas that need further development.

Reception Photo credit: Natasha Taylor

Part of the internship includes completing the graduate Lincoln Award which gives interns the opportunity to build additional skills and reflect on their own learning. I have written a number of blog posts about my internship and the various projects I have been involved with during my internship. Please click the button below to access these.

I’ve also completed learning logs to detail the things I have learned and the skills I have built while working. These are short, reflective pieces of writing that outline the project or situation, my role within it and how I performed. The button below will take you to a full list of learning logs I have completed during my internship.

I undergo regular review sessions with my line manager, with comments from myself. The associated review documents can be accessed via the button below (these documents are password protected).